Paddy Padwick in the N.E.Blake & Co. shop in Minster Street, Reading


   In 1926 Nicholas "Paddy" Padwick set up his shop N.E.Blake&Co. in Minster Street, Reading promising to offer Sporting Goods of the highest quality.
   Paddy was my great grandfather, a sporting enthusiast who built his sportswear business after returning from the First World War. A passionate sportsman himself, who excelled in golf, cricket, hockey, boxing and cross country running. His first foray into the sports business was selling tennis nets, door to door. He later returned to sell those same people tennis racquets. From these small beginnings N.E.Blake & Co. was born, and became the hub for sportswear in Berkshire. The original shop in Minster Street, Reading was bombed in the Blitz, but survived, Paddy returning to service with the Royal Signals helping co-ordinate the D-Day landings.
   Some of the many articles written about Paddy's extraordinary life are included on this page. The business was eventually passed on to his daughter Anne, and when she passed away in 2017 it was time for a new chapter for N.E.Blake & Co.
   Paddy was a great believer in clubs, associations and teamwork. The ethos of bringing people together through sport is what we're passionate about.


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My special thanks to: "Paddy" Padwick himself, Anne Padwick, Ferry Gouw,  James Allen, Elliot Hammer, Louise Laing, James Mulvey, Rosie Swash, James Tran, Hus Khamlichi, James Christopher Joyce, Nikesh Patel, Tania Dolvers, Simon Crompton, Mark Cho and all the Bloody Lads Cricket Club.







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